A thoughtful gift to celebrate a pet

Custom Pet Portraits

Custom Pet Portraits

Custom Pet Portraits Custom Pet Portraits Custom Pet Portraits

Watercolor Pet Portraits 

      Painted with Love 


About Sally Southgate Arts


How It Started

Pets have always played an important place in Sally's life. After spending many years in the corporate world, she decided to follow her heart and started Lauder Tails, a successful pet care business. At the time she started her Lauder Tails, she also discovered a passion for art and began painting portraits of the pets that had been in her care. When she realized how much pleasure her artwork was giving devoted pet owners, she knew this was something that she wanted to pursue. 


Share Your Memories

Sally loves to see the joy that each completed commission brings to pet owners who have chosen to pay tribute to their pet through art. She loves to hear the stories that are shared which enables her to get a feel for the pet that means so much to their owner. It gives her so much pleasure to deliver each piece which are often received with tears of joy. People are very emotional about the pets that have become part of their family. She is  truly fortunate to be able to provide memories that will last forever.


The Final Product

The most challenging aspect of my business is ensuring that I do each pet justice through my art. I rarely have the opportunity to meet the pets that I paint but I want to make sure that the personality of each pet shines through. I study each photo carefully, to make sure every fine detail is captured, especially the eyes and unique characteristics which make them who they are. I often revisit a painting many times before the final version is presented as I want each one to be absolutely perfect.